Short quotes from celebrities best wallpapers free download for mobile

There are a lot of meaningful sayings of famous people. And we offer 10 short quotes from celebrities best wallpapers free download for mobile


When people say ‘ She’s got everything’. I’ve got the answer- ‘ I haven’t had tomorrow’- Elizabeth Taylor. So people should respect everyday they live.short-quotes-best-wallpaper-images-10A famous saying of Obama- ‘Change won’t happen if we wait for help or the right moment. We should wait only ourselves. We are the changes we need’

short-quotes-best-wallpaper-images-8Be ourselves! That’s what Kurt Cobain wanna sayshort-quotes-best-wallpaper-images-6The man who came from the star- Min Joon’ s quotation.short-quotes-best-wallpaper-images-5

That’s why we should always be happy as nothing can let us down.short-quotes-best-wallpaper-images-4It is the same as the saying ‘ The one who wants to wear the crown, bear the crown’


Every girl is a princess so you should love yourselfshort-quotes-best-wallpaper-images-3

Therefore,be brave and challenge yourselfshort-quotes-best-wallpaper-images-0Albert Enstein once said ‘ A question that sometimes drives me crazy; Am I or the others crazy?’. Whatever the answer is, he is still one of the greatest people in the world.

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