10 funny images- top 3D wallpapers

10 funny images- top 3D wallpapers will provide you a lot of happy wallpapers for your desktop. You could not bear smiling when looking at them. These images are not only simple but also easy to download so don’t be hesitate, click and download to set as your own desktop now!

A smile everyday and you will be the happiest man on Earth. These below are top 3d wallpapers.

funn- images- top-3D-wallpapers10.jpg

Your computer is ON. Of course!


Don’t forget to take brain along before leaving home! Just a joke! A funny one for humorous people



Top 3d wallpapers for your computer.


Wall+ paper= wallpaper, a logical addition.


One day you turn on your computer and realize that the screen has been broken. Shocked and laugh out loud when recognizing that it is a joke of a naughty friend.


“I need a wallpaper” when I have had a wallpaper



Can you read the last line?


For those who love computer more than lovers



Hello!You are my wallpaper.


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